The Multiple Dating Dilemma

When dating, there can be a tricky period between “dating” and “exclusive” that must be handled with care. I went through a phase of arranging consecutive dates on consecutive days of the week. After all, dating is a numbers game when it comes to meeting a prospective partners and exploring connections. The difficulty comes when you do find someone you feel you have some kind of connection with. Having been on multiple dates with this person, you either have to stop arranging dates with other people (out of respect) or continue with the nagging feeling that as things progress, it might be considered somehow “cheating” or dishonest to your potential love connection by continuing to message and go on dates other than them. Halting replies to messages and cancelling dates might seem like the right thing to do but of course, there is no guarantee that you and the current person you’ve started seeing will become more than just a good connection and if things don’t work out you’re back to square one and effectively having to start over. A difficult position to be in – but no one said dating was easy!
I can attest that arranging a different date for every day of the week (I think I managed six in a row at one point) certainly does help things feel more comfortable as the days go on, given you kind of fall into a routine. The ability to make connections seems to become easier and more natural because you’re more practiced and dating is just like anything else. It takes effort and practice to do well.

So if you’re able, do consider setting up multiple dates – for all you know, the person you’re meeting may be doing exactly the same themselves!

Merry Christmas from The Dating Guru

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