Internet Dating for Rookies #5 User Searches & How to Avoid Rejection

Having setup your profile with an awesome username, a good photo and kick-ass profile text it’s time to start your search. You shouldn’t expect that you’ll instantly start to receive messages (though if you’re female with a picture you’ll probably find you are inundated over the first week or so after you join… (At least if you know it’s coming it’s at least a little easier to deal with, well done to you for reading this beforehand!). 

Whether you get messages coming in or not, you must ensure that you’re doing your bit to undertake a search yourself. You cannot rely on messages received from other users (especially if you’re a guy).

Most sites provide the ability to search based on various criteria. These will include physical attributes such as body-type, height, etc and also things like geographical location, what the other person is looking for and no doubt countless other things. Visit the website for the full detailed article which includes my killer tips on how to ensure you limit your rejections.

Happy Dating all!

David Cohen – The Dating Guru

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