Internet Dating for Rookies – Your Online Profile #3 Profile Picture

The Rookies Guide to Internet Dating continues with today’s post provide useful insight into the all important Profile Picture…

Unfortunately, people judge things on appearance. Internet dating can be quite a tough business and whilst I do appreciate there are people out there who aren’t happy about how they look for many different reasons, the trap many daters fall into is not including a photo of them on their profile. As a result even the best written profile text will go to waste as you need someone to form a connection with you based on “the whole package” and a big part of this includes what you look like. There is absolutely no stigma attached to internet dating as there was years ago, it’s a totally acceptable way to meet people so it simply doesn’t matter if someone you know happens to see you on a dating site. If anything they’ll be positively impressed by your great photo and awesome profile text! So I’d implore you even if you have reservations to please add a profile pic. If you don’t believe what a difference it makes, gauge the change in response rate before and after you add one.

The profile picture choice should be relatively straightforward. It should be of you, taken within the past few months and one you’re happy with putting up there. Ideally it’ll be taken outside in good weather perhaps in a park or other open space, and shouldn’t include anyone else (unless you have a really ugly friend and want to make yourself look relativelymore attractive by comparison! I don’t recommend however). Finally, you must smile. It might sound basic but it’s an easy way to boost your response rate for no extra effort.

There are a few no-no’s when it comes to photos:

  • No bed selfie’s
  • No photos that don’t show your face
  • No photo you’re not happy about – you must be happy with the photo you’re putting up. If you’re not, it doesn’t deserve to go up on a dating site.
Happy Dating all!

David Cohen – The Dating Guru

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