Internet Dating for Rookies – Your Online Profile #2 Your Username

Welcome all. Over the course of the next few posts I’ll be taking you through the various aspects of your profile to assist in your Internet Dating journey. Today, the Username.

Please be sensible here people. No one likes a smart alec and anything coarse or rude is simply not acceptable. The username should perhaps be a quick way of describing you and could always be a good question for another user to ask you / you to ask them about the choice. People don’t tend to just pick the first word that comes into their head – usually the username will have some kind of significance to the user who chose it (it is the user name after all. You wouldn’t call yourself “crap-bag” would you?). 

Another tip is to ensure your username is positive. “I hate Mondays” might be a universally accepted truth but using the word “hate” within your profile name will put a lot of people off (as will mention of Monday!). I’d recommend including something that’s linked to positivity “Sunshine_girl87” perhaps or “Fun_guy91”. Neutral usernames are fine too as are ones that are personal to you – just be sure to remember that most sites don’t let you change your username once you’ve signed up and whilst the username might be personal to you, other people may not get the reference and may not choose to give you the chance to explain it!

Happy Dating all!

David Cohen – The Dating Guru

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